Tony Parkinson

Anthony Parkinson

Mentor, Fianancial & Business Consultant, Private Equity

Tony Parkinson

Recent or Ongoing

      • Vice-Chairman of TriageNow, an expanding and leading factor in the remote nurse triage field with emphasis on profitability, establishing the cornerstones of an aggressive business plan, management intervention skillsets, large customer networks, and future strategy.

      • Vice-Chairman and senior financial adviser to Urbix Resources LLC a premium supplier of natural North American graphite ad graphite derivatives, in particular graphene as well as selective solar/battery enhancements including a graphene fabric patch which will increase solar panel efficiency by 25 percent and an advanced storage battery anode operating at over 5000 cycles. Graphene production with a demonstratable focus on green and clean technologies.

      • Senior business and financial Advisor to SiO2 Nanotech, developer of VitreOx™, an effective, long-lasting anti-fog solution that has outperformed every anti-fog product in the market. Focus on joint venture development, new product line extensions, and licensing.

      • Main Board member and CIO (Chief Information Officer) BioNovelus, Inc., a publicly traded company (ONOV) fighting coffee rust through their “green” CR-10 instead of being forced to change to “hybrid” type plants.

      • Senior advisor/shareholder XTest, Inc. using Quantum dots, aptemers, to identify STDs as well as some 200 med lab analyses at the verified consumer level.

      • Executive in Residence at W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University (ASU); lecturer in Entrepreneurship and business development.

Tony Parkinson

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